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Our Story

We have been involved with NTRIP RTK services since 2009, and during that period we have seen operators continue to operate at the same level of service and use the same common infrastructure. This is all well and good for low priority tasks, but for more mission critical applications we require a network that is constantly improving, and that’s what we have set out to do. We are building mission critical networks for automation using the latest technology and programming techniques to provide a truly reliable, robust and scaleable service that will constantly evolve to meet future demands.

We recognise the importance of RTK in automation and understand the reliance modern day systems have on it and the utter helplesness providers face when the system fails. Because of this, it’s been a goal of ours to be able to offer an end to end solution that we can manage ourselves and communicate with our partners at a human level. No more waiting for things to happen, we have control at every point in the network and we have added some clever elements that overcome the regular points of failure that are still offered by the major providers.

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Our Values

A few things that we believe in

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We understand you are short on time, and its our job to get you what you need without meandering. We’ve been on the receiving end when sytems break and understand the pressures of downtime. We value speed, set aggresive deadlines and honour them at all costs.

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Our standards are high and we pride ourselves on what we produce. We train our staff to the highest levels, use the best hardware available and build systems with multiple checks in place to ensure you get what you demand.

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We have nothing to hide and we want to demonstrate to you what we have achieved. That’s why we give our users full accesss to our platform so you can check our performance and we can monitor our responsibility.

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We focus on results and for us, just because something isn’t broken doesn’t mean we aren’t going to fix it. We’ve worked with companies that stand still and it soon gets tedious. We are innovators and aim on doing better than today, tomorrow.

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It is very important to us that we make the world a better place for our children and keep our carbon footprint to a minimum. We monitor our energy usage and ensure our systems run as efficiently as possble.

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Our systems will be bigger, faster and stronger tomorrow. to ensure our customers are served more effectively than any other.

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