Client Name: Ripon Farm Services


Ripon Farm Services is a prominent John Deere dealership, operating across County Durham, Yorkshire, and Lincolnshire with 11 depots. As the largest John Deere dealership and full line agricultural machinery dealer in the UK, they achieved an impressive turnover of £117.5m in 2021.


At Ripon Farm Services, their primary focus is machinery sales and providing comprehensive agricultural solutions. To ensure the seamless operation of John Deere technology for their customers, they have a dedicated team of 4 FarmSight specialists. Rapid deployment of solutions is crucial for customer satisfaction and driving sales. By adopting CloudBase RTK, they benefit from friendly RTK network support, allowing them to concentrate on boosting sales.


Since partnering with Ripon Farm Services in 2019, their business has nearly doubled in size. Initially, CloudBase RTK was only available at the original dealerships located north of the Humber. However, following a productive meeting in April, Ripon Farm Services decided to exclusively offer CloudBase RTK to their customers throughout Lincolnshire. This expansion includes the installation of additional reference stations, projecting an estimated user base of 200 by 2023. The advanced CloudBase platform empowers FarmSight specialists and workshop technicians to diagnose RTK equipment issues swiftly, surpassing the capabilities of any other platform, including John Deere’s!

Aerial shot of a tractor pulling a plough

"The reliability and accuracy, coupled with the user-friendly online platform, make working with CloudBase an effortless experience."

James Parker, FarmSight Manager at Ripon Farm Services

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